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  • Anchorage, Alaska

How It Works

Your favorite Anchorage radio stations (101.3 KGOT, Magic 98.9, KASH Country 107.5 and 100.5 the Fox) have partnered with your favorite local restaurants and services to give you a great deal on food and products for ˝ price. You can purchase $50 deal vouchers for just $25! $100 deal vouchers for just $50! 

Each month the Half Price Club will feature two different restaurants or services and at 8:10 am on the second and fourth Mondays of the month you'll be able to purchase the featured voucher for ˝ price. Supplies are limited, so you'll have to be quick if you want to snatch up a ˝ price bargain.  Sign up for our newsletter and always be alerted when a new offer becomes available. Be sure to read the offers carefully, each offer is different and each participating client is different, some restrictions may apply. If you have a question before you purchase please contact us. There are no refunds on the program so be an informed consumer!

Don't miss out on substantial savings from your favorite restaurants and other businesses or try something new for ˝ the regular cost…check back each month for new savings.


FAQ Section

Q. I want to use it tonight, how can I do that?
A. If you have the voucher in hand you can use it tonight.

Q. How long will it take to get the vouchers?
A. It takes 7 - 10 days to receive the voucher if mailed.  Instantly if printed with Print On Demand feature.

Q. I ordered my voucher and it has not come in the mail. What do I do?
A. Call NeoFill Fulfillment Center at 866.311.9806 to inquire.

Q. I tried printing my voucher and it did not print properly. What do I do?
A. Call NeoFill Fulfillment Center at 866.311.9806 to inquire.

Q. I received multiple e-mail confirmations and confirmation numbers. What does that mean?
A. For each order, you will receive a confirmation number.

Q. How come some merchant deal voucher deals offer Print On Demand and some only offer postal delivery?
A. This is decided by each merchant on a case by case basis .

You will receive your vouchers via USPS in 7-10 days.  Or you will be able to print out your deal voucher if the print on demand option is available.

Please contact North East Ohio Fulfillment Center ~ Neofill LLC

If you have any questions - 1-866-311-9806